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Evening Shadows

The night whispers your name as it surrenders to the light of day, longing for the evening shadows to once again fall upon your beauty

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The sun shines jealous of your radiance hoping each day to match the brightness of your soul

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Better to have loved and lost

Alfred Lord Tennyson coined the phrase “Better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all”. This had to be a general phrase. Applied to love in principle. Certainly this shouldn’t be applied to every case of love in your life. Haven’t we all had a love that we would have been better off not having? Love scorned but lingering. Rearing out of the recesses of your soul where you had hoped to en-cage it. Needing only a song, a moment remembered on a chilly dark night, or any of the other hundreds of things that trigger those feelings pushed down that were never properly resolved. Are we better off with them? Do they make us stronger or do they pull us down even more at our weakest moments? Do those times bring us sweet misery as comforting as our favorite quilt, a mixture of wondrously tempered moments and persistently painful remnants of love’s failure. Do we look back on the good moments and use the bad ones only to learn from? Do we ever actually learn anything of benefit? The only fundamental truth I have learned about love lost is that it’s never really gone. It remains like an unsatisfied spirit. Unwilling or unable to move on. At times it is a benevolent spirit, seldom seen and almost unnoticeable. At other times it’s a raging poltergeist slinging your emotional baggage around unwilling to be ignored. I ask you Mr. Tennyson if that is indeed your real name, is that so much better? I have no &#$*$# clue. I’d like to say I would have been better off without it all but would I be who I am? I don’t mean where I am in life. I mean who I am. I like who I am. I like what life has made of me. Now what I’ve made of my life is a whole different story all together but fortunately that book it is still being written. To finish this love topic I can only say that tainted love makes it easier to dismiss love’s chances.